Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Setting time up to be in my slippers

Hello and welcome to my blog and thank you for reading my blogs so far on this site. In this blog I am talking about Setting time up to be in my slippers is how I get stuff done. I don't want to be in my shoes all of the time as I like to give my feet a rest as I love to walk and make time for it as I take advantage of the distance it takes to get to the bus stop in time and being amongst the freshair is good for you, so when in doors I want relaxtion and so being in my slippers helps me be like that. 

I also like to have a biscuit or two along with a nice cup of coffee whilst I get on with my blogs, books, videos and developing online courses and as I write this blog post I have a biscuit beside me with a coffee and got my comfortable winter socks with a pair of sleepers that I received this year for Christmas, and listening to a video by Mel Robbins as I develop this blog. 

Life doesn't have to be busy all of the time and when I get into the zone I do swtich off with what is going around and feel content. I will be arrange some meetings for myself as looking to do volunteer work or part time work as I want to work in a mentalhealth setting or in the education sector, and know this will help me with my blogs as it good to do research for my content to learn more myself. 

I like relaxed learning, nothing that is gonna make me stress out about, but helps to built my knowledge slowly and effectively. 

Having a pair of slippers helps me to wind down each day after, as I do a lot of travelling and so good to relax the feet and body after communiting and feel that sigh of "Glad that is all done and now I can relax" and so slippers help me take it easy, but getting tasks done each day in a relaxed environment where I am allowed to wear slippers. 

I do write other blogs on google, please check out my Pinterest for more of my content:

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 


Sunday, 26 December 2021

Getting Organized for Boxing day

Hello and welcome! I hope you all had a good Christmas still got today to get through, Boxing day and I have been up early, washing some clothes, tireding and vacuuming and then wrote some of new book I am writing and trying to get finished by the new year and been ot of my Boxing day tradiitonal walk, and so I use my Boxing day to catch up on errands. 

It was my nan on my dads side birthday who is no longer with us, but I always remember, but often forget and so gonna remember today to light a candle for her as she was a great part of my childhood and I miss having a nan. 

Today it is a day that I will be catching up with other family and so taking some time to write a blog to be done before that and I think getting up early is the best way so gonna have a whole free day tomorrow and be doing a lot more then too. 

For food it will be picky bits, opening more presents and chatting whilst watching a film or listen to more Christmas songs. 

As a kid it would be playing a game and we used to travel to Farnham or Farnborough to celebrate Boxing day and now that has changed as the new generation continues to grow in my family. 

I am filming a day in  life and today is the last day of me filming that and check out Youtube channels under:

- Typicallondongal

- Carrieseducationalyoutubechannel

- mystylewayofliving 

So soon my little terror (son) will be here so going to leave this blog here, and so the next time will probably in the new year so have a happy one. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Choosing the right gift set for myself and give as gifts to adults but not children

I am a lover of gift boxes and I have already been looking around to choose some I like and want to buy for myself and others, and they aren't all out in my Boots so may need to search through the one in Epsom or up London, where they have a bigger store, but saw some in Tescos, and going to check Poundland, Wilkos and TK Maxx and I have been searching on Amazon too.

I like a gift set that is filled with Shower cream, a perfume spray, a good body scrub or wash, or face wash and deodarants and body sprays.

When it comes to gift for kids I try to stay away from skincare gift sets. This is because often kids skin can be super sensitive, but would for kids buy a crafting set and make them a set of books, tokens and some silver or gold chocolate coins, and if they like writing, a writing set.

The other thing I love is alcohol gift sets, if you know a person who like Bailey's for example like me, would be great for someone and I wait until December as there will be more. 

This is why I am holding out until next month, as don't want to buy one and see something better, and also it depends if someone is having a health kick, and you could create your own gift set, with healthy treats and if they love skincare can add these too. 

The other great thing you can do is make a pampers set, of nightcream they use, with day cream, a flannel, a towel and body lotion, one that they use. Just talk to the person of items they love, as we often know what to buy going on what they currently are into.

I often will buy a bag for a someone and add little items inside in tissue paper and still great as a gift set.

Anyway as we are still in November we do still have some days and weeks to find the goodies we want for Christmas, and so I am looking forward to getting some little gifts and big too, and have dreams coming true. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Get life together for Autumn and Winter

Hello and welcome! In this blog I am talking about how to get your life together for Autumn and winter. 

I normally if I was in what I call my own home, I would do a seasonal clean up, which involves going through everything and decluttering my clothes, files on my computer and so gonna use the time to go through my google photos because I have exceeded the storage with video and images, so having a clear out. 

I have been packing items from my old home in Epsom to where I am now, and it does feel good going through items, and gonna do more today. 

If I get a chance to film showing you this then I will. I will add it to My Style Way Of Living, youtube channel, if that happens or not.


Sometimes I will when sorting through items forget about filming so will try my best to remember.

Today I cleared out my phone and put images and videos I have wanted to keep transfered to my Memory card in my phone and on Saturday should be getting a new phone and go SIM only. 

I would reommend this to you, that you go through files on your devices and go through items to keep and items to delete.

I like to start each season fresh and so if there isn't anything that no longer has a purpose I will get rid of it.

When it comes to clothes I will go through them and go through items that I can wear all year round, but what I can layer up for the colder weather, and when it is raining as that is a lot in the UK, so it is good to prepare for these days and when it get crispy cold. 

This means going through my coats and jackets and make sure I have enough and they are all machine washable and not needing to go to the drycleaners. 

So what do you do to Get your life together for Autumn and Winter. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Monday, 4 October 2021

How I make life easier and breaking my tasks and daily and weekly down so it gets done

Hello and welcome! So today it is Sunday but when you read this it will be Monday as I don't post any live blogs on Sundays but post the rest of the week. 

This blog is about How I make life easier and breaking my tasks daily and weekly down so it gets done. 

1. Grab a notebook and get jotting and go through what has been done and what needs to be done. 

2. Then have a view of the week using a calendar or diary to mark important appointments, things that need to be done first and are urgent items for yourself and then example B for things that need to be done next and can be put last on your list 

3. Use notepad on your phone or take a photo of the list you have and of what needs to be done when for the week

4. Put in appointments first with time and prep work, like printing a map of where you need to go or if virtue time you have to log on to do the virtue appointment 

5. Dave items on your phone aswell ast on a computer or laptop and a paper version, that you can carry around. 

It doesn't have to be all done in a day then don't put this, and renember to a view of the month too to hand to also help prep and plan the days and months within the year and any items already schedule for the next year.

So, I hope these tips help and have helped me and many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Things you loved once upon a time/changed your life and decision on love and letting them go

It is very hard at times to let things go, especially when you first loved them and never wanted them out of your life and this can be people, fashion, homes and outdoors loves you had once, but you know when they are coming to the end, as for it is a feeling, and you just know. 

This is where it is good to have a clear out and be at peace with the people and materilistic items, and be happy once they have gone. 

Take time going through stuff as some items are like you know you had them and bring back inspiration, and want to use them again. 

There are items that go beyond their lifeline, like flip flops you remember having and forgot about it.

It is can be a picture you had been looking for and create a vision board by hanging them up and creating a vision board, which I in my blog on Wordpress everyonecanbuildacastle.com write a lot about and I do believe in, "If you can see then you'll use it, out of mind out of site". 

The other thing is have a keepsake bin or box file, so go through items that give you that boost still and want to wear it or see it again and still everytime you see it, it feels like it is still a new discovery. 

Make a list of items you want to keep and want to give away. Create a rack of clothes not worn and still want to. Items you want to save on another rack or in a bin. 

Its okay to have a bits and bobs bin, and I do this by using recycled items. Like a box or a container that was gifted to you. like gift boxes and a caddy like I use on my desk. 


These images is my work desk and second picture is of a caddy bought from Poundland where I store some of my jewellery and helps me remember to put some on and have it to hand as I do wear earrings, chokers, necklaces and bracelets a lot of the time. 

I do have a declutter on my jewellery to that no longer serve a purpose and not have them when I won't use the again. 

So be ruthless and take time when looking at times you once loved to say goodbye to them. 

It really helps you move forward instead of the passed all of the time. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Getting my life together

Often I can get stressed over having stuff to carry around with me aswell as what to keep in my room. I like functional and have everything I need daily and weekly close by so I don't have to go searching for items. 

I do have a functional space to write and hope once moved, I will like a proper home office with a plenty of storage and getting my life even more together than now. 

Its important for me to have everything I need around me, it saves me time and I know where everything is. Currently my desk is also a dressing table where I will put on a Youtube video whilst I do my make up and film my Get ready with me videos, check out my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUDFIqjVKLy7NhtcR6Hy0Tg

Check out my blogpost I did on my site Organzie4thebetter: 


Being a writer it is important I can listen to music whilst I write as it keeps me from stopping and take my time in the things I write like books and blog. All my books are published on Amazon.com under my name: Carrie Challoner, Carrie Lee Holmes and Carrie Holmes, if you wish to check these out, and I things in arms length and that is how I set myself up and have my life together. 

Its all about the things you need, with the things you want 

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X