Thursday, 10 June 2021

How to be at the top of your game/use what you have/Save wherever possible

To be a writer you have to be organized, but when I plan I don't set things I set it in stone, in case of other things that can crop up.

So how to be at the top of your game,

1. Getting ahead off myself. I have schedule a lot of videos, as I now have two youtube channels that I mainly work on and so batch filming is a great way to stay on top. 

2. Have a schedule that you can change and use Google Calendar to help block your time to help stay on track. It is completely free so take advantage of this and you can carry it around and access it whenever you want and need to. 

3. Ignore the critic in your mind telling you "No not today".Never allow it to take over the positive voice that encourages you and listen to that voice to shut down the inner critic in your mind. 

4 Apply for the dream job and don't just apply once try several times to grab an employers attention. This helps them to see how keen you are.

5. Have no spending weeks, where you just buy what you need and not splurge. I am getting the hold of my finances and not going to avoid my financial situation anymore and use what I have to pay bills and save buy having weeks where I don't buy and try and use up what I have got before buying anything else. 

So I hope these tips help you and if you like to visit my youtube channel then can do so by visiting this link: here:

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X

Friday, 30 April 2021

A Video sharing 5 tips on Practical Ways to manage your life

Hello! Here is a video giving 5 Practical Tips on managing your life. I had a day of disasters, yet made me clean and tidy, it made me slow down as to do work at a pace that I don't realise I am rushing. 

So check it out below:

It is all about getting bits done without getting bogged down. It helps make sure you take breaks and get the things you know you got to do but not neccessarily like and the things you want to do.

With my line of work it is about getting the needs at the top with the wants but don't have to be on that day.

So more blogs like this to come, and if you would like to read more of this content then check out my site: 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie L.M X

Saturday, 24 April 2021

Clean with me video 3/Recycling/Rubbish and cleaning areas of my room

Hello and welcome to a new Clean with me blog with video, in this video I clear away rubbish, and use my glass of water and micro fibre cloth the clean my bedside table and board covering over the bedroom fireplace. 

If there anything that I can recycle and feel I have a need for it, I keep and use it straight away, anything I don't need I put in the recycle box made, and I do like to use coffee jars and any container type of item to reuse. 

I do want to get some inter flora and a lighter to light my scented candles but it will need to be put on a dish to use them, and I am so looking forward to moving as i want to treat myself to some highend scented candles and homewares, to add to my new home that I will be living in soon. 

I like to use my weekends to clean and tidy to vary my weekends compared to the days in the week. 

So, #happyweekendlivingand more to come tomorrow, but post will be scheduled for the week ahead. 

Many thanks for reading and watching my video,

Carrie L.M X

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Clean with me/video 2 from Mondays/Hack and clearing out a draw

Hello and I wish you a happy Wednesday. Here is a new video I did yesterday as part of my clean with me video that I posted on Monday and in this video I show a good cleaning hack and cleaning near my bed and a draw.

Bascially if you have an undrunked glass of water, use it to clean with. So you don't waste the water and your not going backwards or forwards to the bathroom or kitchen to get the cloth wet to clean. 

I basically cleared out the draw within 5 seconds and it is a simple as that. No cuts or bruises, just simple not hard task and now I have a good bed board cleaned and a draw cleared out. 

Many thanks for reading and watching the video above, 

Carrie L.m X

Sunday, 18 April 2021

Sunday Clean with me Video/Organizing to pack/Sunday life

Here is a new Clean with me video, that I filmed today Sunday and this is going to be two parts, but this is the one today which I was going to do through the course of the week but decided to do one today and film another tomorrow.

When it comes to tidying and packint things up, it is the course of what will make life easier and how I can save myself time when it all gets taken to a new home without it taking a whole day.

Many thaniks, 

Carrie L.M X

Thursday, 8 April 2021

Get Organized am I organized/getting things done

So since I began blog writing I WENT THROUGH SOME OF MY OLD BLOG SITES THAT I CREATED BUT NEVER USED  so I am now and looking at the title if this blog that you will get the wrong impression of me, "I am super organised". You wanna know the truth, I am not. I just in my own way GET IT DONE! Yet I look at my notebook I work from everyday, that I still have items that have not be ticked, but since I began I don't stress over because I DO SOON GET IT DONE!

I try not to give myself so much, but as soon as I see ticks as I go back and through my notebook, I will eventually have more ticks. 

I would say FIND YOUR SYSTEM THAT IS NOT HIGH MAINTENENCE as honestly it becomes a chore, rocket science I'll put it off. 

With me it is one method mobile and notebook. These are the tools that work for me. I have one notebook, but I do look back at my other notebooks for ideas in there that I have used, that i can use. 

When you create work that is yours and so it is used by your readers but not copied, so they make out it was there, always keep your notebook full of notes so you can prove it is yours, and try not to do too many lists, but do more brainstorming. 

I find when I brainstorm ideas, they are the ideas I tend to use. 

When it comes to jobs, I never used this word as for me, it is like the two words "To do" as for me this stands for chore and therefore if I SEE IT THAT WAY I PUT IT OFF! So I set goals rather than items to do, and it serves a purpose and a positive outcome.

So find what works for you, but don't give yourself too much, and if you do still see things not done, secretly tell yourself you will, as often it is the mind telling you, that you aren't ready to do that task yet.

Many thanks for reading the first blog on this site, 

Carrie L.M X