Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Things you loved once upon a time/changed your life and decision on love and letting them go

It is very hard at times to let things go, especially when you first loved them and never wanted them out of your life and this can be people, fashion, homes and outdoors loves you had once, but you know when they are coming to the end, as for it is a feeling, and you just know. 

This is where it is good to have a clear out and be at peace with the people and materilistic items, and be happy once they have gone. 

Take time going through stuff as some items are like you know you had them and bring back inspiration, and want to use them again. 

There are items that go beyond their lifeline, like flip flops you remember having and forgot about it.

It is can be a picture you had been looking for and create a vision board by hanging them up and creating a vision board, which I in my blog on Wordpress write a lot about and I do believe in, "If you can see then you'll use it, out of mind out of site". 

The other thing is have a keepsake bin or box file, so go through items that give you that boost still and want to wear it or see it again and still everytime you see it, it feels like it is still a new discovery. 

Make a list of items you want to keep and want to give away. Create a rack of clothes not worn and still want to. Items you want to save on another rack or in a bin. 

Its okay to have a bits and bobs bin, and I do this by using recycled items. Like a box or a container that was gifted to you. like gift boxes and a caddy like I use on my desk. 


These images is my work desk and second picture is of a caddy bought from Poundland where I store some of my jewellery and helps me remember to put some on and have it to hand as I do wear earrings, chokers, necklaces and bracelets a lot of the time. 

I do have a declutter on my jewellery to that no longer serve a purpose and not have them when I won't use the again. 

So be ruthless and take time when looking at times you once loved to say goodbye to them. 

It really helps you move forward instead of the passed all of the time. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

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